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Online Training

The ADF offers a number of interactive tools to help dentists meet their Continuing Education needs and obligations.

Please note that all training modules and videos are available in French only.

Le Congrès ADF en ligne: video-on-demand platform that offers a selection of lectures filmed during the Conference. 

Les Rendez-vous de l’ADF: one-hour-long live online chat sessions with lecturers of the ADF Annual Conference, to discuss their lectures, previously made available as online training modules.

DPC en ligne: online Continuing Professional Development programmes. The ADF online CPD programmes include a first set of self-assessment questionnaires, followed by online lectures filmed during the Annual Meeting, to be watched in preparation for three live online chats with the lecturers, followed by another set of self-assessment questionnaires. At the end of the programme, each participant receives a customised action plan.

Les Formations ADF: these are PowerPoint presentations or videos made from lectures given at the ADF Annual Conference. Each session is concluded by a series of multiple choice questions which enable practitioners to evaluate their newly acquired knowledge. 

Les JT de l’ADF: a one hour-long internet TV programme on dental news and topics. Twelve programmes were broadcast between October 2009 and June 2011. 

More info here (in French)